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zaterdag 17 januari 2009


OMG! Today I got these fabulous awards from my good friend Liv (who became a scrapaddict thanks to MOI haha *waving at you honey*) With these awards you have to point out 5 of your addictions. Here I go...

1) scrapping dûh! And together with it all the pretty papers, ribbons, flowers,... (all you scrapaddicts out there know what I mean)

2) Chocolate (yeah, me too) and everything chocolaterelated

3) Staying in bed just toooo long and then wearing my pyjays toooo long (I know I'm not the only one! Know that I still can.. Lol!)

4) My mobile phone (dragging the thing everywhere, just can't live without it)

5) Hugging and kissing (watch out for me!)

Since my friend Liv allready past out the awards to the blogs I like too, I'm giving the awards to everyone who passes here.. Feel free to take them with you if you want. (And let me know, so I can hopp over to your blog too, I like to see!)

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