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zondag 21 februari 2010

Thank you

Een kaartje gemaakt om 'bedankt' te zeggen.
Een vriendin van me vroeg of ik een kaartje kon maken voor haar werkgever om haar te bedanken. Het kaartje had speciale vereisten:
Het moest een kaartje zijn in de stijl van deze kaart, er mocht niet te veel 'tralala' opstaan en op de voorkant was het wel zo gepast om er 'bedankt' op te zetten.
Na even wat denkwerk te verrichten, kwam ik met dit idee.
Ik nam het stempeltje van "House Mouse' en een 'bedankt' stempeltje. Ik linkte de twee aan elkaar door middel van mijn Copic Markers. Nog even een lintje met de nieuwe techniek die ik geweldig vind en voila.
Hopelijk vinden ze het kaartje leuk :)

zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Book of Spain

Aan deze pagina zit een heel verhaal verbonden, dat ik niet op mijn blog ga vertellen.
Maar komaan... Welk jong meisje heeft geen foute wc-foto's van zichzelf? :)

To this page there's a whole story connected that I'm not going to tell at my blog.
But come on... Which young girl doesn't have 'naughty bathroom pictures' of herself when she was on vacation? :)

Book of Spain

Deze twee gaan wel zo lekker samen, daarom dat ik ze er tegelijk opzet.


These two go so well together, that's why I've putted them on my blog at the same time.

Book of Spain

Ik dacht dat ik deze lay-out al een tijdje geleden had gepost. Blijkbaar niet dus.
Een vriendin van me was jarig, net toen we naar Spanje gingen.
Ze houdt heel veel van bezienswaardigheden en daarom gingen we naar het kerkhof, dat dichtbij onze verblijfplaats lag.
Als titel had ik eerst 'de kerk' gezet, tot mn vriend me er heel attent op maakte van: "Welke kerk? Waar is de kerk"? en toen dacht ik: Oeps, vergissing.
Hier dan de lay-out met titel zoals die moet 'Het kerkhof'.

Ik vind dat deze lay-out heel mooi de sfeer weergeeft die er op een kerkhof hangt. Ik zou m zo hetzelfde doen :)

Voor de lay-out gebruikte ik wederom een schets van Creative Scrappers en had ik mezelf een serieuze uitdaging opgezet.
Zie je die 'scalloped' randjes daar in het zanderige bruin? Nou, daarvoor gebruikte ik dus een nestabillitie, die ik ongeveer tien (jah, hallo pijnlijke arm) keer uitdraaide om de cirkel zo groot te krijgen als op de pagina. Mooi gelukt, toch? Al zeg ik het zelf :)

Cute Card Thursday

Oh my lord! It seemed to take me like... forever! to finish this card. I don't know why, but my papers didn't seem to match. It was the first time I used a metal charm and it wouldn't stick to the ribbon. I glued my ribbon to the wrong side. The card seemed to have 'something' missing...
I have the feeling that this is not my style of card-making for some odd reason, but when it WAS fi-nal-ly finished, I was pretty pleased with the result.
And using a metal charm for the first time, what'd you reckon? :)
With this card I can enter the 'Cute Card Thursday' challenge, since the challenge is to use SOMETHING metal on your card. Tadaa.

I used a Magnolia image. I had this idea in my head where the ribbon MUST be on the left side and this image fits very well, because the magniola image is facing the ribbon. Much better this way :)

Book of Spain

This is a lay-out from Water World. I've had to nag all week to go here, but I've looooooved this Water Park. I have never been to such a water park before and this was a dream come true.
We took sooooo much pictures that you wouldn't believe it if you saw it. From those pictures I made a selection and managed to put 7 pictures on one lay-out. This is a personal record for me. Still, I find that the page doesn't seem too crowded and everything comes together here. This is thanks to a sketch from Creative Scrappers that inspired me to do the page like this. As I said before, almost all of my lay-outs are inspired using the sketches from this website, because they are so versatile and I almost immediately think: 'I know which picture I could use for this sketch'. So thanks Creative Scrappers for beeing my inspiration :).

Book of Spain

Another lay-out from my Book of Spain. It seems like I've done 7 lay-outs a day uploading the pictures to my blog all together.
Now the book begins to get shape (I've been working on it since summer vacation last year!!) I thought it became time to show my creations onto my blog.
I'm putting the lay-outs in no particular order on my blog. I have no idea why :)
I just hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating this lifelong memory. If something happens to the book, I think I'll die :)

There's actually a funny story behind this picture, but since I really don't like journalling (I think it messes up whole of my page, but heads up for the people who can do it without making the whole page look weird) so... since I don't like journalling, I'll just put the story on my blog.
This is why I love blogs too :)

We were waiting in the train station for our train (what else? For our plain maybe? :)) to arrive and then we saw this poster. It translates:
'There's a 25 % chance that you are carrying your laptop'.
Us: 4 girls and 1 girl was carrying her laptop. You don't have to be a math wizard to know that this is 25%.
So funny that we asked someone to take a picture of us 4 pointing at the one laptop.
Aaaah, this is why we love taking pictures and scrapbook them.

Book of Spain

Deze lay-out heb ik gemaakt voor de hobbybeurs, maar toch nog heel veel bloemetje gebruikt. Ik hou van die dingen :)
Het was van onze uitstap naar een supermooi park in Spanje.

This lay-out was made before I went to the fair. Nevertheless, I used very much flowers.
The pictures are from our trip to a very beautifull park in Spain.

Book of Spain

Off course... When you have a lot of flowers, you can achieve beautiful projects without having to look at a flower or two :)

I always seem to have a glueing problem. I lay down all my materials just perfect and when I want to glue it to my page, something always tend to shift, so I don't like it any more. Now I've found the perfect solution. I just took a picture of my unfinished, unglued lay-out. Then I removed all the items and glued them together one by one using my camera.
The first pictured is my unglued page, the second picture is my finished page as it stands beautifully in my scrapbook.
Can you see the difference?

With this page I'm entering the Practical Scrappers contest too, where the theme is 'flowers'. I think there will be a lot of entries. Who doesn't love flowers?
You can't see it really well, but in the picture my friend is giving a flower to the other friend, so another flower used. LOL.

Flower box

I bought so many flowers and reorganizing the whole lot, I discovered that I'm out of space for this little precious.
This is my solution:

1) Take a box with stamps and unload it.
2) Put the stamps in another stamp box that still has a little room.

3) Take the initial box.

4) Put ALL your flowers in the box.

5) Put some flowers you want to keep apart in another box.

6) Check the pictures.

I do know that this isn't the best solution, since the flowers get torn up and stuff like this, but I simply have no room to do it otherwise.
When I move out the parental house, I have much bigger plans for them :)

And as for now... I think I'll amuse myself with my lifelong supplies LOL

Hobbybeurs Antwerpen

I had such a great time at 'Hobby Creatief Beurs' in Antwerp yesterday! The fair was so big and all yummy stuff that were not so good for my wallet LOL.
Most of my attention went to flowers yesterday. I just bought ONE stamp (yeah, can you believe it :)) and in the picture it's hidden beneath the flowers. I discovered it loading the pictures to my computer.
I just wanted to show you pictures from the great stuff I've bought... Sorry to make you jealous :)
I've stashed everything away now and reorganised some of my scrapbook area, which fits me much better now.
Without any further ado, here are the pictures..

There was this one stand, called Scrapdelight, where I bought most of my stuff. And they gave me a little present too, soooo cute! It were scrapbook embellies, little hearts that say 'made with love'. I would sooo have bought that myself. When I make a creation with them, I will definitely show it on my blog. I have big ideas for them already! :)

maandag 15 februari 2010

Book of Spain - Creative scrappers challenge

Oh my lord! I'm in love. Completely, utterly, head over heels in love. Yes, with my boyfriend, but also at this lay-out, based on a sketch from
Creative Scrappers. I used so many new techniques and the page is just such an eye-catcher. It's great!
First I took two pictures, but they didn't fit my page, so I cut them apart and putted them together. More people shouldn't be so afraid to cut in their pictures. You might be surprised at the originallity of your page.
Then I found some painting bottles tucked away in a dark corner. I decided to experiment with it and it gives the title so much more caracter!
I bought something to make great stitching. It's the first time I've used it, but then again... I think I should do it more often.
I've ripped, curled, teared,... I think of used almost every technique (except embossing LOL) for my papers around the picture. I love the way it gives the picture deapth.
Then I've used the 'ribbon tied with ribbon' method again. I just love the way you decorate your flowers and your pages with this technique.

Thanks for looking at my huge post today. But sometimes when you are happy with something, you just have to let the world know, don't you think.

Book of Spain

Hoef ik nog meer te zeggen?
Do I need to say more?

zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Book of Spain

En alleen meisjes kunnen ervoor zorgen dat een jongensdrank iets meisjesachtig wordt.
Mijn vriendin was zo blij dat ze Duvel had gevonden in Spanje dat we daar absoluut een foto van moesten trekken. Ik vind de foto geweldig, omdat ze helemaal niet door heeft dat ik van de drank probeer te drinken.
De titel van de pagina 'drank is den duvel' is zoooo toepasselijk. Ik moest er zelfs niet over nadenken.
De schets komt van Creative Scrappers. Ik vind ze de meest geweldige schetsen ooit hebben.


And only girls can make sure that a boys drink becomes girly.
My friend was so glad to have found 'Duvel' in Spain that we just had to take a picture of it. I think the picture is great, because she has no clue that I'm trying to take a sip of her bottle.
The title of the page 'Booze is the demon' (Duvel = demon) just fits it so well, I didn't have to think about it at all.
The sketch comes from Creative Scrappers. I think they have the most fabulous sketches ever!

Book of Spain

Alleen ik kan een scrapbookpagina er te meisjesachtig laten uitzien. Ach ja, het was dan ook een alleen-meisjes foto op een alleen-meisjes vakantie, dus ik denk dat de pagina het wel kan hebben.
Mijn inspiratie kwam van de roze sjaal die ik geleend had van een vriendin, omdat ik serieus verbrand was. Eerste vakantie ooit hé...


Only I can make a scrapbook look too girly. But oh well, since it is an all-girl picture on an all-girl vacation, I think the page can have it.
My inspiration was the pink scarf I'm wearing, borrowed from my friend because I had a serious sun-burn. First vacation ever, hmm...

vrijdag 12 februari 2010

Book of Spain

Some of you might remember that I posted a page with me and my friends sleeping in the airport. This is what happened before. The airplane had been delayed for hours (this is shown in the little circles in the close-up, although the pictures are a bit fussy). We asked some people to take a picture of us waiting. Right after that she asked us to all look really happy. I am veary pleased that she asked us this, because it's really funny to see us very sad and in the same position very happy. This kind of pictures are what scrapbooking is all about, isn't?

Book of Spain

Besides making cards, my other great passion is making scrapbook pages. This is where my crafting obsession got started.
Last year in august I got to go on vacation with friends for the first time in my life. This was the perfect occassion for me to make a grand scrapbook about.
The pages are neatly tucked away in a scrapbook album. Can you guess where my journey took me?

This is a lay-out based upon a sketch I made myself (and yes, I am very proud of it!)

Christmas Card

I stumbled upon a blog where this lady decorated her scrao lay-outs with two or three ribbons tied toghether with another ribbon.
This gave me the great idea to try it out for myself. I just adoooore this way of using ribbons. I'm sorry I didn't discover it earlier and that I didn't came up with the idea. Haha. This is why I love nosing around in the world of the wide web.
I used some stickles on the hat of Henry and decorated the cookie with some green gems.
Don't you just want to bite that cookie too?

If I keep up this pace, I will have some Christmas cards left after this year's Christmas is over. LOL

Birthday present

I made this card with a stamp I got for my birthday. Because my collection of stamps is only growing and I have too many stamps (yeah, I just KNOW you have this problem too), it has taken me about three months to ink 'm up.
So, my friends, here's the card with the stamp :)
I don't know for which occasion I'm going to use it, since it's so versatile.

Christmas Cards

Making Christmas Cards while it is still snowing outside. It makes you get into the mood.
Don't mind the pink thingy on the bottom. It's a way to make my cards stay on my magnetic board. This way I can make better quality pictures.

I coloured my Whiff of joy stamp (I just adore all Henry Mouse stamps, I have a big collection of them) with my Copic Markers. Damn, it was difficult! But very amusing to do :)

I raffled the brown papers from a special stack that's called 'Chocolate stack'. Doesn't it just makes you melt away and have a great craving for chocolates? LOL. It's made especially so you can tear, sand, ... the paper so the core colour will appear.

Pretty in pink

Just some card that never got to my blog before.
I made it especially for a friend her birthday.

dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Double Dutch Challenge

Love is in the air... Everywhere I look around... At the 'Double Dutch challenge' they understood that Valentine is coming up, so they challenged us to make a Valentines card. Here's my take on it. It had to be perfect for a male and I think I can get away with this card :)
I decorated the inside too, and normally, it would have been on my blog but *peep* blogger won't let me upload it. Ow well, this suits too...

Papers: good question...
Stamp: Whiff of joy (henry with heart)
Extra: corner punch, ribbon, gem stones

And the last batch...

Showcase n°2

And yet some other cards...


Not much text today, just some cards I've made and haven't had time to show them on my blog.