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zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Book of Spain

Another lay-out from my Book of Spain. It seems like I've done 7 lay-outs a day uploading the pictures to my blog all together.
Now the book begins to get shape (I've been working on it since summer vacation last year!!) I thought it became time to show my creations onto my blog.
I'm putting the lay-outs in no particular order on my blog. I have no idea why :)
I just hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating this lifelong memory. If something happens to the book, I think I'll die :)

There's actually a funny story behind this picture, but since I really don't like journalling (I think it messes up whole of my page, but heads up for the people who can do it without making the whole page look weird) so... since I don't like journalling, I'll just put the story on my blog.
This is why I love blogs too :)

We were waiting in the train station for our train (what else? For our plain maybe? :)) to arrive and then we saw this poster. It translates:
'There's a 25 % chance that you are carrying your laptop'.
Us: 4 girls and 1 girl was carrying her laptop. You don't have to be a math wizard to know that this is 25%.
So funny that we asked someone to take a picture of us 4 pointing at the one laptop.
Aaaah, this is why we love taking pictures and scrapbook them.

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