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zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Hobbybeurs Antwerpen

I had such a great time at 'Hobby Creatief Beurs' in Antwerp yesterday! The fair was so big and all yummy stuff that were not so good for my wallet LOL.
Most of my attention went to flowers yesterday. I just bought ONE stamp (yeah, can you believe it :)) and in the picture it's hidden beneath the flowers. I discovered it loading the pictures to my computer.
I just wanted to show you pictures from the great stuff I've bought... Sorry to make you jealous :)
I've stashed everything away now and reorganised some of my scrapbook area, which fits me much better now.
Without any further ado, here are the pictures..

There was this one stand, called Scrapdelight, where I bought most of my stuff. And they gave me a little present too, soooo cute! It were scrapbook embellies, little hearts that say 'made with love'. I would sooo have bought that myself. When I make a creation with them, I will definitely show it on my blog. I have big ideas for them already! :)

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