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donderdag 25 maart 2010

Book of Spain

I seem to have lost my mojo a little bit. Nevertheless, I started making a page about my 'book of spain' yesterday.
My book really needed finishing, because I'm going to London soon, so I can begin a new scrapbook :).
Now this one isn't finished yet, I just have a space issue... My book is filled LOL.
I started with a sketch from creative scrappers (sketch 94 for the people who want to take a look... just follow the blinkie on my blog) and started laying stuff all around.
You can't really see the sketch any more, but hey.. it's just meant for a head start, ain't it?

Allthough my mojo is a little bit missing, I'm really pleased with the outcome of my page.
There's a lot of white space for my style, but sometimes more is less.
I saw on a site somewhere that putting xxx-es on your lay-out really uses up your x-es from your alphabets, so offcourse I had to use this.
So what do you think?

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