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woensdag 21 juli 2010

Upside down and inside out WOYWW

This is how my desk looks now... TOTALLY CLEAN!! And absolutely nothing going on! Go over to Julia's blog to see desks that look exactly the opposite of mine :)

However... I've been very busy this week!!!!

How you ask?

Well, first of all... I've been cleaning my room. LOL and this is the result off course. And for people who remember how it first looked... I've kind of rearranged everything. I've putted everything different like my title says. I've turned my drawers, my flowers and my lamps. Why? Because it's a bit boring if everything stays the same for too long.

I've been participating on the DT call on the Whiff of Joy blog (see last post on the explosion box) and then cleaned up again so my room looks like this again.

I've been participating in a lovely workshop getting to know all those different ink types a little bit better (hence the little book on the desk)

And and... *drum roll*

I've got my DRIVER's LICENSE!!! and I'm very proud of that!! Yipiieeeee!!

Okay rambling here :)

So... Here's another look inside my fishy drawers.

On the left you can see a lot of boxes filled with glitter powder, flowers and buttons.

And on the right a couple of Distress inks and Stickles, nothing all too fancy and special.

Found some flower soft in a shop here yesterday too, didn't know we had that in Belgium so me is one happy girl.

Thanks for looking at my overly neat desk. Promise to do better (read: more clutterly) next time.

So no card this week, but look very closely on Friday, because then I will have a special reveal... * goes away in smoke *

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratulations on having such a tidy desk and I hope you really enjoy messing it up !!
    Well done on passing your driving test, that's is almost as good an achievement!! tee hee!

  2. Fabulously tidy desk and congrats on your pass. Never used flower soft but it always looks interesting when I see a card using it. So tactile!

    Mary Anne

  3. Great clean and tidy desk, well done on passing your test.

  4. Well done on passing your Driving test and a big well done for a great tidy up!!


  5. Thanks for the peek in the drawers. congratulations on passing your test :-)
    Anne xx

  6. Very neat and organised. Hope it stays that way, he, he. Congratulations on passing your driving test, too - wish I had the courage!

  7. Hi
    wow what a very tidy desk, congratulations on getting your license, have great day, sue,x

  8. I actually like these drawers better this way. And I LOVE the clean desk. Let's see how long it lasts!!

    Congrats too on getting your driver's license. And have a celebatory WOYWW.

  9. YAY well done - you can drive - zoom zoom zooom,

    that desk is NOT for real No One is that tidy!

  10. *waving through the smoke*...well done on your license! How exciting. And your desk - gasp! I htought perhaps you had gone away! Will look forward to Friday!

  11. How exciting about the driving thing ... well done you ... may you have many happy miles ahead of you X The tidy desk is pretty impressive too BTW X

  12. I think I need you to come and tidy up my craft space as yours looks so lovely and neat

  13. wow what a super clean and organized desk..i like your magnetic board!! thanks for sharing xoxo hugs

  14. ohoo goody, I pressed the right button the first time! VERY tidy desk....I'm in shock!
    Have a crafty WOYWW

  15. Sorry I'm late calling in this week. I'm having a really manic week and even had to pop to see my elderly neighbour in hospital last night [only a 62mile round trip :-)].
    Congrats on getting your driving license. Love your newly tidied crafting space.
    A x

  16. Very tidy! Congratulations on passing your driving test - there will be no stopping you now!

  17. Oh! Well done you on passing your test. You will be able to go Craft shopping anytime you want. Keep your desk tidy. Just shop instead.

  18. Ohh very tidy workspace and love your wooden drawer storage !!

  19. I can only admire such a tidy space! Congrats on getting your licence!

  20. Even after I've tidied up my desk never looks as tidy as that! Congratulations on getting your drivers licence - you'll have a whole new sense of freedom now! x