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zondag 20 juni 2010

Am I converted now?

Okey, I know. I haven't posted for a while now. And I completely missed WOYWW! :(

I went from no production to mass production. I said I would never do this, because it totally kills your originality and I have the principe of not doing two cards the same. Then again, I needed some cards to thank the parents of the children in my class, because they trusted their kids with me for a complete year. And I dare you... Try finding two cards in there that are exactly the same. It's impossible! And you wouldn't believe it, but there are twenty cards there!!

Take a look...

But have I converted now? Hell no!! I really had to step outside of my comfy box to create something that was so easy that it could be easily done twenty times (allthough I spent a total of about three hours to complete this) and I still like the 'over-the-top-embellished' cards. Otherwise, wouldn't it be a complete waste of all those lovely flowers? LOL

So, I hope the parents will like it. Next week is the last time I will see the parents of those lovely children (oké, maybe not for some, but it's the thought that counts doesn't it :))

Thanks for looking and leaving all those wonderfull comments!

Stamp: Got it for free, no idea what brand it is
Paper: nothing else but cardstock
Extra's: butterflies made with a butterfly punch and I also used a corner punch.

That's it. Pretty simple huh?

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