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woensdag 9 juni 2010

What's on your workdesk wednesday

It's another WEDNESDAY, so you know what that means? Yes, yes, yes, it's another WOYWW. I'm so sorry for being so late with my posting, but I had tons of stuff to do for my job (as I am a teacher and work is nover done) and we have a different time zone here in Belgium, so I am always and ever late :)

And here's my room from another view. You should see me taking this picture every week, holding the camera so I don't see a single thing not knowing what picture is going to show. Really, it's as big of a surprise to me as it is to you!

And here is my amazing storage space. As my scraproom is currently in my bedroom, I have some storage issues. So now I keep everything under my bed in boxes. How's that for being so tidy? LOL.
I actually had to lie on the floor to get this shot! Yes, I go to the extremes for WOYWW :D

Remember how I told you last that the flowers on my workdesk weren't the only ones I got?
Well, I keep the rest of them contained in glass containers, all stored together in one box. They didn't fit onto my workdesk anymore :)
This is as organised as I can get! Every container has a different colour of flowers there. I know, I could open a store with all those flowers and still I've got the feeling that I need more!!!

And off course, I can't let you go without a picture of the card I've made and why my desk is looking as it is now.
So enjoy!

And thanks to everyone for leaving all those wonderfull comments!
I'm so sorry I can't visit everyone, as my time is limited.
Last week it took me four complete hours to get to half of the list and leave comments.
I have this strange way of doing so. I get to about a quarter of the people, then I think it's sad for the people who get last and probably don't get that many visitors. Then I get tired half way through that and keep picking without any order. After two days, the highlights are gone and I totally forget who I have visited. I'm SORRY. And you thought I was organised hm??

25 opmerkingen:

  1. haha I love that you climb high and low to take the photos, real dedication. Love that card, beautiful colours.

  2. I am so proud of myself because I managed to find the comments again. I love your flower jars and know what you mean about still wanting more. The card is so pretty. Wish I was a pupil in your class!Hugs Bettyxxx

  3. Enjoyed your photos. Could just imagine you scrabbling on the floor trying the take the under the bed photo. A very dedicated WOYWWer !


  4. I have trouble taking my photos too, as I stamp kneeling on the floor...!

  5. I have trouble taking my photos too, as I stamp kneeling on the floor...!

  6. Thank you for visiting me this week, I know what you mean about trying to get round everyone! You are doing better than me, I usually only manage about 10 or 12 a week, some regular ones, but I try to visit some new ones too. Love your drawers and a very tidy craft space too! x

  7. Hi Evi, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I actually have 18 work spaces, lol.x

  8. super sweet card hun and well worth the stuff on the desk!!!! love the flowers in little pots xx

  9. Love your sweet card and I can't seem to make a card without creating a huge pile of stuff everywhere!
    Hugs Jeanette

  10. Love your storage and well flowers a crafter after my own heart.A crafter can never have too many flowers!
    hugs judex

  11. You can still get the list - you just have to follow a link..but don't feel worried Evi, not many people can get around to everyone -real life is very important! I love your photos this week..your under bed storage is genius..I can just picture you lying on the floor choosing stuff! You have alot of flowers...but they look great on your gorgeous card.

  12. I'm chuckling imagining you hanging off the light to take your photos. My daughter is a teacher and I know what lengths teacher will go to :-)
    Really love all your storage.
    A x

  13. It all looks so organised and tidy. I do exactly the same with the WOYWW posts, go to the last ones first, then forget who I have visited. Love your card
    big hugs
    En xx

  14. Love the storage boxes on your desk and those flowers look gorgeous in the little jars!

  15. Sorry I'm so late! The time has just flown... .
    Thanks for coming by my little blog too. I can't visit everyone either. There are too many people!
    I love all your stash! You are incredibly organized. I need to go get my stuff organized now!

  16. Love your drawers. have I said that before? no matter.
    Gorgeous card, love the colours. I sometimes take an aerial view and like you can't see what's in ;-)
    Anne xx

  17. Great minds think alike! I did a birds eye view of mine this week too! you are sooooo organised and have lots of yummy things.

    Do you have much by way of craft shops there? I have been to Brudges and had lots weekends in Brussels - couldn't move for chocolate, lace and Tin Tin but didn't see anything by way of crafting.

  18. You definitely have found a great organization system that works for you in a small space...all the while sharpening your photog skills LOL! Fun project too. I know what you mean about trying to visit all the blogs...there are sooooo many!

  19. well it takes me for ever to get around all the tables. I love your colorful blog and the card is adorable.

  20. It all looks fabulous!!! I love your card!

  21. Wow, very athletic photographs.
    You have some great stuff and all beautifully tidy too!
    Lovely card, with great colouring. Thanks for visiting my craft space too!

  22. Great pics! Love the little glass bottles of flowers - great that you can see what's inside without opening them

  23. Love your drawers, the hands are really cute. Gorgeous card too :)

  24. You sound like me I am often towards the end of the list and often start at the bottom as I know many, myself included, never get to all and I feel sorry for the ones who are last on the list.
    Enough of my waffle, lovely cards, a fab workspace, and love that you were on the floor taking your photo. LOL